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Home Tickets VIP Királyszentistván (másolat)

VIP Királyszentistván (másolat)


Included in the VIP package:

  • Entrance to the elevated VIP stand in Királyszentistván on Friday, where you can enjoy the race on the Synchronous Track of the Superspeciale with a unique view.
  • Full board, dinner and drinks – e.g. salmon blini, venison stew with forest mushrooms, fingerfoods, abbey wine selection, prosecco and champagne -, coffee, snacks are available in the VIP lounge throughout the evening.
  • VIP opening hours on Friday 16:00-23:00
  • Separate toilets and parking for VIP and Rally Lounge guests
  • the VIP ticket, of course, allows you to visit all the speedway stages and venues of the weekend as a regular ticket
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Event Details

Start date: 2024-04-12

End date: 2024-04-14

End time: 23:00